Corporate Publications

Find LINZ's corporate accountability documents (Statement of Intent and Annual Report), plus issues of our newsletters and other publications.

Statement of Intent

LINZ's Statement of Intent is a public accountability document published annually that details our strategic direction, outcomes and key initiatives for the coming financial year with a three year outlook. more...

Annual Report

Read LINZ's current and previous Annual Reports, which detail how we performed against our strategic goals as outlined in the Statement of Intent for that financial year. more...

Newsletters & other publications


A news update of LINZ activities.


The news and information source for survey and title land professionals (Landonline website).

Briefing for the Incoming Minister

The Minister released the 2014 Briefing to the Incoming Minister for Land Information (PDF 120KB) and Attachment 1 - Briefing for the Incoming Minister (PDF 1.2MB)

The Natural Resources Sector (NRS) Briefing

The Natural Resources Sector (NRS) Briefing was developed collectively by government agencies with an interest in natural resources and the environment and has helped us to identify where the NRS can make the best collective gains and how. The Briefing starts to articulate some of the complex issues we are facing and identifies the priorities that the NRS agencies feel need particular attention. This Briefing has been developed to sit over the top our individual agency BIMs and links together the different portfolio interests and perspectives on the priority natural resources issues.

Topographic Information Strategy 2005-2010

The Topographic Information Strategy details our responsibilities and strategic approach to topographic information.

Ross Sea Region Strategy 2003-2012

You can download LINZ's Ross Sea Region: Strategy 2003-2012, 15 May 2003 (pdf 172KB).

Prosecution Policy - March 2014

Download LINZ's Prosecution Policy


Archived newsletters & other publications

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