Schedule of non-departmental contingent liabilities

As at 30 June 2011

Quantifiable contingent liabilities are as follows:

900 Legal proceedings and disputes 909
18,751 Other contingent liabilities 18,751
19,651 Total contingent liabilities 19,660

LINZ manages a portfolio of land across New Zealand on behalf of the Crown. The Crown portfolio is a consolidation of land parcels, and includes land surplus to requirementsof other government agencies, and other parcels of land that have been discovered and where no owner can be located.
Liabilities in relation to Crown land can arise from a variety of circumstances:

  • The requirement to clean up contamination on land that was previously owned by the Crown.
  • Land that has been previously obtained by the Crown without following due process. In these cases, legal claims over the land may be made, or offers of compensation may be agreed.
  • Fulfilment of obligations conferred on the Crown by the previous land owners, which are now the responsibility of LINZ to rectify.

The table above highlights those Crown contingent liabilities that can be quantified. Numerous other obligations cannot yet be quantified. With regard to potential claims, it is not possible to determine potential reimbursements because their circumstances are too remote or unknown.
The contingent liability for legal proceeding disputes represents outstanding claims against the Crown. Other contingent liabilities represent the best estimate of the cost of mitigating potential liabilities within the Crown property portfolio.

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