Ahuriri Rabbit Control - Poison Warning

8 July 2011

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) advises that hand laying of carrot baits containing the deadly poison Pindone for the control of rabbits will occur in the Ahuriri River area from 11 July 2011 or as soon as is practical thereafter.

Description of the area: Ahuriri River, South Canterbury

The area being treated involves up to 175ha of Crown administered riverbed upstream of the SH8 Bridge adjacent to Clay Cliffs.

Please note that the hand laying of the toxic bait will be preceded by hand application of non-toxic carrot baits to ensure against bait shyness. All poison baits are dyed green for bird protection and identification.

The pesticide is poisonous to humans and domestic animals. The area is to be treated with caution until January 2012 or six months from application.

Notice boards will have the map of the treatment area displayed for public notification and the public are warned against trespass and the removal of carcasses or baits, and are advised that both bait and carcasses are dangerous to humans and deadly to dogs.

DO NOT touch or eat bait
SUPERVISE children
DO NOT EAT animals from this area
DO NOT bring dogs into this area

Read further information on LINZ's pest control programmes, or enquire at Boffa Miskell Ltd on:

Phone: 03 366 8891 during office hours
Postal Address: PO Box 110, Christchurch
Email: marcus.girvan@boffamiskell.co.nz

The pesticide will be applied by Landcare Services, contact: Graeme Larcombe, 03 696 3537 or 027 222 5467.

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