Seminars on EVRI Database a Success

11 May 2009

In late April and early May, LINZ organised seminars to raise awareness of an international database called the Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI). The database offers over 2,200 case studies for promoting and developing environmental, conservation and health valuation.

EVRI is intended to enable ‘benefits transfer’ by applying the impact values and/or methods contained in its studies, to inform policy elsewhere. EVRI could help improve the evidence base behind policy decisions (particularly around non-market impacts), and potentially save organisations resources through not needing to conduct new (and often expensive) impact studies from scratch. This is particularly useful when time or money is scarce!

The applications for EVRI extend across government, academic and private sectors. As well as benefits transfer, EVRI can be used as an e-library or store of knowledge, and for more general environmental policy screening.

It is the world’s largest and most up-to-date database of its kind, and a growing number of its studies are specific to New Zealand.

LINZ has been instrumental in making EVRI available within New Zealand and making New Zealanders aware of EVRI’s availability.

An expert in the field

Speaking at the seminars was Yves Bourassa, Policy Manager for Environment Canada. Yves has had extensive experience working on policy across a whole range of environmental issues.

“EVRI can contribute to developing sustainable and greater evidence-based policies, and enhance a country’s ability to analyse economic impacts of their policy approaches,” says Yves.

“At the moment, members include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France and the United Kingdom. These countries use EVRI data extensively as a source of economic values for environmental components,” notes Yves.

The seminars were well attended by 200-plus people from private agencies, academia, and government organisations.

As a subscriber country, access to EVRI is free in New Zealand. The EVRI website also contains a tutorial for users who are new to the database.

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