New & Improved OIO Section Now Live

23 June 2009

A new and improved Overseas Investment Office (OIO) section of the LINZ website was launched this week, following work to improve usability.

As part of the changes, LINZ staff enlisted the help of some of New Zealand’s largest law firms to ensure the new website delivered what users wanted.

User testing

As Adrienne Marshall of the Web Management and Support team explained, the testing by lawyers threw up some unexpected results.

“It seems that lawyers went to the website for two main activities - either to provide a reference for clients needing explanations of the legislation, or for up-to-date guidance on the OIO’s interpretation of the overseas investment legislation.

“What they found was too legalistic for their clients to easily digest. They also found it was difficult to be sure that they'd seen all of the content on any one subject, as there were many layers of information and a confusing number of links. They wanted the information on each subject to be more contained.”

New features

The OIO section of the LINZ website now includes more non-technical information about overseas investment in New Zealand, along with a frequently asked questions page.

Lawyers and applicants can now find 15 ‘technical resources’ covering the main subject areas for those making an application for consent. Visitors can also search previous decision summaries by keyword.


Annelies McClure, Manager of the Overseas Investment Office, says she’s pleased with the changes.

“We’re always looking for ways that we can speed up application turnaround times. Having a user friendly website that provides accurate, up–to-date information on how we interpret the legislation will definitely help.”

Check out the new OIO website pages. We'd like to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can continue to improve it even more, so please send us your feedback.


We have redirected page links from the previous website to the relevant page on the new website. However, if you haven’t arrived in the right place, try a site search or check the A-Z of overseas investment in New Zealand.

If you encounter any other problems or errors, please contact us.

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