Find LINZ's corporate accountability documents (Statement of Intent and Annual Report), plus issues of our newsletters and other publications.

Historic LINZ publications

Annual Report

Our accountability document detailing our performance against the strategic goals outlined in our Statement of Intent.

View the current and previous Annual Reports

Statement of Intent

Details of our strategic direction, outcomes and key initiatives for the coming financial year, with a three year outlook.

View the current and previous Statements of Intent

Strategic Plan 2015

Our Strategic Plan 2015 sets out our vision and long term intent.

View the Strategic Plan

Briefing to the Incoming Minister

The 2014 briefing on the Land Information portfolio outlines LINZ's role, functions and strategic direction.

View the 2014 briefing on the Land Information portfolio

Performance Improvement Framework Reviews

Reviews of our performance using the Performance Improvement Framework.

View the Performance Improvement Framework Reviews

Benchmarking of Administrative and Support Services 2013/14

The report benchmarking our costs, efficiency, and the effectiveness of our administrative and support services, compared to other state sector organisations.

View the Benchmarking of Administrative and Support Services Report 

Topographic Strategy 2015

Setting the direction for our topographic work to 2020.

View the 2015 Topographic Strategy

Cadastre 2034

Cadastre 2034 is a comprehensive 10 - 20 year cadastral strategy.

View the Cadastre 2034

New Zealand Geospatial Strategy

A Coordinated Approach to Location Information.

View the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy

New Zealand Positioning Strategy 2014

Strategies and strategic publications from the National Geodetic Office.

View the New Zealand Positioning Strategy 2014

He Whāriki Maurua: Business with Māori Strategy 2013–2016

How LINZ is working to accelerate Māori and iwi economic development.

View the Business with Māori Strategy

Foreshore Project Final Report 2003

This report is about New Zealand’s coastline, its foreshore, and related issues of private ownership.

View the Foreshore Project Final Report

Canterbury Property Boundaries

Cabinet papers relating to property boundary issues in Canterbury following the earthquakes.

View the Cabinet papers

Public Works Act review

Information about the review of the Act.

View the Public Works Act review

Land Transfer Legislation

Work is underway to make the law for land transfer more accessible and to improve property rights.

View the Bill to modernise Land Transfer Legislation

Last Updated: 26 February 2016