LINZ's Crown Property Role

Learn about LINZ's Crown property functions, how LINZ manages those functions and about other organisations involved in Crown property.

Crown property legislation

Crown property covers land, buildings and other properties owned in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. LINZ administers three million hectares of Crown land or eight percent of New Zealand's land area.

Crown property is governed by several different Acts including:

  • the Land Act 1948
  • the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998.

LINZ also administers other "lands of the Crown" (a collective term to describe land held by LINZ). Legislation includes:

  • Public Works Act 1981
  • New Zealand Railways Corporation Restructuring Act 1990
  • the Crown Forests Assets Act 1989.

Find out more about legislation LINZ administers.

Crown Property Management

The Crown Property Management team looks after LINZ-administered Crown land. This involves managing biosecurity, Crown forest land, Crown property disposals, and leasing and property management.

Crown Property Management is also responsible for setting standards and making decisions (under delegation from the Minister for Land Information - Beehive and the LINZ Chief Executive) for Crown property held by other Crown agencies.


The Pastoral team manages the Crown's South Island high country grazing land. Find out more about pastoral land/tenure review.

Commissioner of Crown Lands

This role has statutory independence from LINZ. The Commissioner of Crown Lands exercises rights of ownership and has statutory responsibility for Crown land held under the Land Act 1948. The Commissioner's role is to establish regulatory standards and independently review decisions made by officials to ensure standards have been complied with. The Commissioner delegates his statutory powers and functions to LINZ officers.

Other organisations

Most Crown agencies administer their own property. Some Crown agencies can acquire or dispose of Crown land. However, they must follow the Crown property and Crown land standards and guidelines set by LINZ and submit work to LINZ for statutory approval.

The main agencies that deal with Crown land other than LINZ are:

Find all government agencies on the New Zealand Government website.


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