Register with LDS

Register as either an individual or a company to start downloading data from the LINZ Data Service.

Registration for individuals

Individual registration applies to individuals, non-profit organisations, Crown agencies and businesses that are not incorporated.

  1. Read our Terms of Use for individuals and our Privacy Policy.
  2. Register your new account.
  3. We send you a confirmation email.

Registration for a company

Company registration applies to incorporated companies. A company user account is one that:

  • is used by multiple employees, or 
  • has allocated an API key/s for "automated" business processes.
  1. Register for a LDS account. Your account details should reflect the way your company will use the account. Enter:
    1. your team name or function in the ‘First name’ field company name in the ‘Last name’ field
    2. a generic email connected with your company.
  2. Download a copy of the Terms of Use for Companies (download below). Fill in your company name, and your LDS user name and email address (the user name and email you used to register for your LDS company account).
  3. Sign the Terms of Use. At least one company director and a witness must sign the Terms of Use.
  4. Email the completed Terms of Use, and a copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation and the registration number, to the LINZ Data Service team at
  5. LINZ verifies your company and LDS account, then sends you a confirmation email.
  6. To comply with the Terms for Use for Companies, you must use this company account for your everyday use of LDS.

Key differences between the general and company Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for Companies explain our obligations and your obligations as a corporate customer.

The Terms of Use of Companies require that:

  • at least one director agrees to the Terms of Use, and
  • the director(s)s accepts responsibility for any use and actions by your employees, staff, contractors and anyone else using your LDS account, whether or not they have your authority to use it.

Contact us at if you have any questions about this process and the Terms of Use for Companies.