Citrix Receiver download and installation

How to download and install the Citrix Receiver for Windows when you're setting up Landonline.

Before starting:

  1. Ensure your IT provider is available to assist you with this process as this installation requires the User Account Control to be disabled, and Administrator rights.
  2. Print these instructions.

Note: Instructions are for Windows 7 - screenshots may differ for other versions of Windows, but the process will be similar.

 Download the Citrix Receiver for Windows
PurposeInstall the Citrix Receiver Software. This is essential software that enables you to connect to Landonline
AlertIf you are installing Citrix on Citrix or Citrix on Terminal Services, please read Providing access to Landonline via Virtual Desktop (VDI) environments and software installation instructions for Citrix and Terminal Services environments

You must install the Citrix Receiver Software before installing the Uniprint client.
  • If you are running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Vista
    download the Citrix Receiver for Windows

    Note: Citrix have released version 4.5 of the Citrix Receiver, we are aware that there may be issues for some users when using this version. We are currently testing this new version, in the meantime please use the 4.3.1 version from the link above
  • If you are running Windows XP
    download the ‘Citrix online plug-in – Web’

    Note: XP and this version of the Citrix receiver are not supported and we strongly recommend upgrading to a supported operating system

  • The target web page may take a while to open.
  • Once open, click the blue button to download Citrix Receiver for Windows.
  • You will be prompted to agree to a Citrix Licence Agreement and to choose the operating system you are using, and once done a file download of the “CitrixReceiver.exe” will commence.
  • If prompted to Run or Save, you may choose either option, although usual practice is to Save the file locally and then Run it from the saved location.

Note: there are helpful FAQs on the page above, for example if you are reinstalling Citrix or if you have a query about the device you are using.

Screenshot 1
  • Click "Yes"
Screnshot 2
  • When prompted click on "Install"
Screenshot 3
  • Please wait for the software to be installed
Screenshot 4
  • Click on"Finish"to complete the installation

Continue to Step 2: UniPrint Client - download and installation instructions

Last Updated: 9 December 2016