Change your details

Landonline housekeeping, including forms and how to reset your password, change details for your firm or an individual user, or upgrade a licence.

Forgotten your password?

It's easy to reset your own password or if you're having trouble doing that, give us a call on 0800 665 463.

Change individual user details

What you want to doGo to...Supporting documents you need to provide

Update your contact details, eg. your phone number or email address

Change individual details formnone
Update your preferences, preferred name, selected default addressUpdate your details in Landonlinenone
Change a user's role, eg. nominate a new Trusted Contact when a staff member leaves

If the person is an existing Landonline user:
Change individual details form

If the person is not yet a Landonline user:
Add individual form

For Trusted and Management Contacts: 
Contact Contract, Specimen signature form

For Billing Contact: Complete the form. No other documentation is needed.

Update a profile with a new type of licenceChange individual details form

Contract, Practicing certificate (for signing roles only)

Submit a change of name request, eg. after you get marriedChange individual details formPOI, Deed poll **, Marriage / Dissolution certificate **
Add a new user to your firm's accountAdd individual formPOI, Contract, Specimen signature *, Practicing certificate (for signing roles only)
Remove a user who is leaving your firm

Remove individual form

Important things to do:

Associate a user with multiple firms

Multiple firm association

Fill out:
Add individual form

Contract, Multi firm association cover letter

Change firm details

What you want to doGo to...Supporting documents you need to provide

Update your firm name or contact details

Change firm details formCover letter ***
Update your firm's details after a mergerFirm mergers in LandonlineCover letter ***
Add a new licence to your firm's account Add licences form 
Upgrade your current firm licenceUpgrade licences form 
Remove your firm after closure

Firm closures in Landonline

Firm closure letter

* Required if selecting trusted or management contact role
** Provide one of these documents - certified copy
*** Must be on letterhead

Where to post your forms

Send printed forms and documentation to 'Landonline Sign Up' at our Hamilton office.