Landonline releases and system updates

What you need to know about the latest Landonline release or system update, and any known issues.

Landonline Release 3.15 (Updated 20 January 2017 )

This release was necessary to support changes to the Land Transfer Tax Statement

For lawyers and conveyancers

The release provides for the entry of information from a new ‘2017’ Land Transfer Tax Statement, which divides up questions about seller or buyer identity, and citizenship or visa status so they are clearer. The downloadable version of the statement contains a notes section that provides additional information for each question on the form.

We encourage lawyers and conveyancers to use the new statement rather than the old one from Monday 12 December. This will help to ensure that the data collected is as accurate as possible.  The new form is now the default for data entry in Landonline, however if a client has already signed the ‘2015’ tax statement, there is provision to switch to a ‘2015’ Land Transfer Tax Statement data entry screen until April 2017.

A patch release has since been installed to fix some minor defects including:

  • missing the bottom row of buttons in the Prepare Tax Statement Edit and Tax preview windows for some users using low resolutions
  • the Title Search Wizard screen 

For surveyors

Two small changes have been included in this release for surveyors:

  • Provision for some CSD’s to be submitted to LINZ without a Survey Report
  • The name for ‘Auckland’ in our list of territorial authorities has been changed to reflect the name of the unitary authority, i.e. ‘Auckland Council’.


Last Updated: 20 January 2017