Antarctic region maps

Download free images of maps of the Antarctic’s Ross Sea region and the Darwin / Hatherton glacier region.

Please note that these are large image files. Unless you have a fast internet connection we recommend that you save the images rather than view them in your browser window. 

These maps are not available in paper format.

Ross Sea RegionsRoss Sea Index
Ross Sea, 1:3 Million (jpg 10 MB)
Ross Sea Index, (jpg 3.7 MB)

Download map images of the Antarctic Topo50 Map series at 1:50,000 scale

You can download these images free as TIFF files. If you want georeferenced image files and vector data you can access these from the LINZ Data Service.

We produce these maps using: 

  • the Ross Sea Region Geodetic Datum 2000 (RSRGD2000) 
  • the McMurdo Sound Lambert Conformal 2000 (MSLC2000) projection.

Paper maps

You can order paper versions of ANTopo50 ME13, ME14, MF13 and MF14 through major map and online map retailers.

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Map Chooser

Use the Map Chooser for ANTopo50 tool to view the areas covered by the different Topo50 maps.

Data for the Darwin/Hatherton glacier region 

Currently, we are producing vector topographic data at 1:50,000 scale for the Darwin/Hatherton glacier region of Antarctica. This is to support  the Latitudinal Gradient Project, a collaborative scientific project involving the Victoria Land coast. Currently this is the only Antarctic topographic data that we’re providing online however, you can also download Antarctic geo-referenced orthophotos.

The data provided is based on ALOS PRISM satellite imagery taken during the 2006/07 season and is supplied in the Darwin Glacier Lambert Conformal Conic 2000 projection. The survey work for this data was undertaken between 2007–2010.

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Downloads for specific areas

To download the data for a specific sheet, select the area you’re interested in. Only the areas covered by the satellite image (the polygon shape) contain data.
Please note that due to lack of contrast in the source images, feature capture was not possible for some of the glacier regions. The areas of these holes are available in this shapefile (zip 53KB).

Data available from the LINZ Data Service

You can download data and image files in other formats and in areas other than map sheets from the LINZ Data Service.