Imagery & orthophotos

Land information New Zealand has the role of Steward for Imagery, one of the fundamental data themes identified by the New Zealand Geospatial Office.

Specification relating to the acquisition of orthophotography

Provides a common set of specifications and guidance notes for the purchase of orthophotography by the New Zealand public sector, in support of the National Imagery Coordination effort.
See attachments below to download Specifications relating to the acquisition of orthophotography.

Aerial photography

From 1937 to 2005 LINZ and its predecessors, Lands & Survey and Department of Survey and Land Information (DOSLI), commissioned aerial photography for the Crown to use in mapping and database maintenance. With advances in satellite technology, aerial photography is no longer commissioned.

LINZ has made available via the LINZ Data Service:

  • Crown imagery archive photo extents, including aerial photography and orthophotos commissioned by Lands & Survey, DOSLI and LINZ.
  • LINZ Orthophotos commissioned between 1994 and 2006.

The Crown Aerial Film Negative Collection is now managed by New Zealand Aerial Mapping Limited.

Archives New Zealand also holds some Crown aerial photographs in Archway, its system for documenting government records.

LINZ orthophotos

Digital orthophotos, derived from aerial photography, show terrain at a constant scale. Image displacements caused by camera tilt and terrain relief are corrected.

LINZ publishes orthophotos of New Zealand from its archive. The New Zealand orthophotos shown are historical and no further orthophotos of New Zealand will be published.

Antarctic orthophotos

LINZ also has some Antarctic orthophotos, obtained through satellite imagery, available for download. These were commissioned by LINZ as part of the production of map data for the Darwin Glacier region of the Ross Sea.