Antarctic Topo50 map series

The Antarctic Topo50 Map series can be downloaded here as image files (TIFF).

Georeferenced image files are available via the LINZ Data Service

These maps use the Ross Sea Region Geodetic Datum 2000 (RSRGD2000) and the McMurdo Sound Lambert Conformal 2000 (MSLC2000) projection.

Printed, paper versions of ME13, ME14, MF13 and MF14 are available and can be ordered through a map retailer.


Antarctic Topo50 map showing boundaries


Note: These are large files and may take several minutes to download.
Ross Island Darwin GlacierMcMurdo Dry Valleys
MD13 - Cape BirdML06 - Kanak PeakMB07 - Trinity Nunatak
MD14 - Beaufort IslandML07 - Olson PeaksMB08 - Mount Douglas
ME13 - Cape RoydsMM03 - Meteorite HillsMB09 - Oates Piedmont Glacier
ME14 - Mount ErebusMM04 - Haskell RidgeMC06 - Coombs Hills
ME15 - Mount TerrorMM05 - Tentacle RidgeMC07 - Convoy Range
ME16 – Post Office HillMM06 - Bowling Green PlateauMC08 - Flagship Mountain
MF13 - Hut Point PeninsulaMM07 - Cheney BluffMC09 - Granite Harbour
MF14 - Windless BightMN03 - Banna PeakMD06 - Mount DeWitt
MF15 - Cape MackayMN04 - Midnight PlateauMD07 - Gateway Nunatak
MF16 – Igloo SpurMN05 - Junction SpurMD08 - Mount Mahony
 MN06 - The NozzleMD09 - Mount England
 MN07 - Gawn Ice PiedmontMD10 - Cape Roberts
 MP03 - Aldi PeakME07 - Upper Wright Glacier
 MP04 - Vantage HillME08 - Lake Vanda
 MP05 - Mount QuackenbushME09 - Lake Brownworth
 MP06 - Yancey GlacierME10 - Marble Point
  MF07 - Quartermain Mountains
  MF08 - Taylor Glacier
  MF09 - Lake Bonney
  MF10 - Bettle Peak
  MF11 - Butter Point
  MG07 - Mount Feather
  MG08 - Pivot Peak
  MG09 - Mount Lister
  MG10 - Catacomb Hill
  MG11 - Cape Chocolate
  MH08 - Halfway Nunatak
  MH09 - Mount Huggins
  MH10 - Mount Morning

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