LDS makes life easier for Napier

Finding up-to-date location information in Napier is a breeze, when you have an online mapping tool like Napier City Council’s GIS.Napier to use.

GIS Napier image
GIS.Napier is a free online map viewer which allows the public to overlay a range of property, service and recreational information into an easy-to-use spatial view, so they can have all the facts when making location decisions.

Originally developed using raw data from LINZ’s Bulk Data Extract (BDE), GIS.Napier now uses data downloaded from LINZ’s Data Service (LDS) as this enables information to be updated more efficiently and frequently.  The data sourced from LDS include cadastral, road centrelines, parcel and titles data, along with data from the Napier City Council itself.

“Before LDS, it used to take us two days of human input to process the BDE data and then align it with our own datasets,” says Hayleigh Brereton, GIS & IM Administrator for the Napier City Council.

Since joining LDS in June last year, the council has been able to streamline their processes by automating most of this work using Web Services. This has created some real efficiency gains for the council. Using LDS also means they can download the most recent data on a weekly basis rather than waiting for quarterly updates of the raw BDE data to be sent. Hayleigh says that the change to LDS has also meant that Napier City Council can offer new kinds of data through GIS.Napier.

“One dataset we didn’t use before making the switch to LDS was the Property titles dataset. As an internal resource, we find this highly valuable and use it on a regular basis to check title information, especially when we’re dealing with cross-lease properties or shares in a property.”

Napier City Council is not alone in providing a spatial map viewer to the public. Other local district councils in the Hawkes Bay region are following in the council's footsteps and offering GIS tools to the wider community.

Advantages of LDS data

Hayleigh says the major advantages of using LDS data are:

  • the weekly update means the council can have confidence that it is working with the most up-to-date data and
  • the data is free and easy to access using web services.

“The Napier City Council is involved in a range of property development within the region, and it is hugely beneficial to know that the titles issued from the council are available to view within a week.”

Residents of Napier reap the benefits of doing more online without having to leave the comfort of their home.

LINZ datasetsNZ Primary Parcels, Road Centrelines, NZ Property Titles, Railway Centrelines, Road Parcels
Data accessWeb Feature Service
OrganisationNapier City Council
CustomersRate payers, real estate agents, property developers, surveyors, education, potential buyers

Provides the community with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for property location information in the Napier region. 

Map image credit: Screenshot of a property address search in GIS.Napier.