Gazette notice - 13 December 2012

Gazetted on 13 December 2012

New Zealand Geographic Board logo.Notice of the Determination of the Minister for Land Information on Assigning Alternative Geographic Names

Pursuant to section 16 of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (“the Act”), notice was given in the New Zealand Gazette on 14 May 2009 of the proposal by the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“the Board”), to alter the spelling of the city of Wanganui to Whanganui. Submissions to the proposal were dealt with according to section 18 of the Act.

I hereby declare my determination, made pursuant to sections 20(2) and 20(3) of the Act on 18 December 2009, is that either of the names specified in the first column of the Schedule below (“the Schedule”) may be used as the official geographic name. They each relate to the geographic feature type listed in the second column of the Schedule. The description of the official geographic name is set out in the third column of the Schedule.
My determination shall take effect on 13 December 2012.


Wellington Land District

First ColumnSecond ColumnThird Column

Oficial Geographic Name

Geographic Feature TypeDescription
WhanganuiCitySituated at the mouth of the Whanganui River, NZTopo50 BL32, centred at GR 733 777.
WanganuiCitySituated at the mouth of the Whanganui River, NZTopo50 BL32, centred at GR 733 777.

Dated at Wellington this 13th day of December 2012.
HON. Maurice Williamson, Minister for Land Information.

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