Anyone can make a submission to support or object to a proposed name within New Zealand's territorial boundaries.

Before deciding to assign, alter or discontinue official place names within the territorial boundaries of New Zealand, the NZGB seeks the views of affected people and the general public through a period of public notification. Determinations are made by the NZGB or the Minister for Land Information (note that the Minister for Conservation decides on Crown protected area names).

Anyone can make a submission to support or object to a proposed official name within New Zealand's territorial boundaries. Public notification of the proposed name is published in the NZ Gazette, relevant newspapers or other news publications.

Submission or proposal?

You can make a submission to object to or support a proposal to assign, alter, discontinue or approve an official name.

See proposing names to make a proposal. Otherwise, continue reading below for more information about making a submission.


When making decisions/determinations on place names, the NZGB takes into account various views and weighs these against its naming rules, criteria, standards, guidelines and policies. Views may come from:

Note: Some Māori place names of special significance are processed through Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submissions on proposed official names is at the NZGB's discretion, but not less than one month after the date of notification of the proposal. See individual place name proposals to find out the submission deadline for that proposal.

How to make a submission for a proposed new, altered or discontinued name

1. Check the details of the proposal currently being considered

The NZGB publishes a public notice of its support for a proposal to alter or assign a name in the NZ Gazette, newspapers and consultation on proposed names, where you can find further details about the proposal.

2. Gather information and resources to support your submission

Your submission should clearly state if you support or object to the proposal. You should also include the reasons for supporting or objecting to the proposal.

If you object to the proposal, you can set out an alternative proposal or state clearly that you support the existing name, if one exists.

3. Optional items

You may also include:

  • copies of any research material gathered
  • references to any appearance of the name in publications
  • a photograph of the feature or place.

4. Send submission to the NZGB

Post, email, online or fax submissions to the address in contact the NZGB. Note that submissions and supporting material provided to the NZGB will not be returned.


Once the NZGB has received your submission it becomes a public record. If the NZGB publishes information about the submission, it will generally omit names of private individuals to protect their privacy. However, the NZGB may be required to release all information under the Official Information Act 1982 or other legislation.