Annual work programme

The work we’re doing to update New Zealand’s nautical charts

We have an annual work programme for keeping our nautical charts up-to-date and this is shown in the table below. We make adjustments to  our priorities when there are changes to an area, like new navigational lights or survey information, that need to be reflected in our charts.

Find out about new and updated charts in Notices to Mariners (NtMs)

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Hydrographic Risk Assessment

We have carried out a risk assessment to help prioritise further survey work and chart updates. 

Read the results of the New Zealand Hydrographic Risk Assessment

Chart programme 2016/17

NumberChart Name
NZ 76Milford to Puysegur
NZ 64
NZ 66
Otago Oamaru
NZ 286
NZ 2862
Auckland Island
NZ 5318Mercury
NZ 521
NZ 522
NZ 5111
NZ 5212
NZ 5227
NZ 5327
Cape Brett to Cuvier Island
NZ 52
NZ 53
NZ 531
NZ 532
NZ 534
Bream Head to Slipper Island
NZ 54
NZ 542
NZ 5423
Bay of Plenty
NZ 56
NZ 57
NZ 561
NZ 46
NZ 48
NZ 58
NZ 61
NZ 51
NZ 512
NZ 5113
NZ 5114
Parengarenga Harbour to Cavalli Passage

Chart programme 2015/16

NumberChart Name
NZ 5312
NZ 5316
Mercury Bay & Islands including Whitianga
NZ 5124
NZ 5125
Bay of Islands
NZ 5413
NZ 541
NZ 614
NZ 61
Tasman Bay
NZ 5612Napier
NZ 6321
NZ 6324
NZ 632
NZ 62
NZ 63
Kaikoura to Banks Peninsula

Annual survey programme

Every year we survey parts of New Zealand’s seabed and coastline. This is called hydrographic surveying and the information we collect is used to update our nautical charts and publications.

Setting the priorities for our surveys

We use information about ship traffic and risks at sea to make sure we survey the areas that need it most, ensuring we support the needs of New Zealand’s shipping and maritime industries.

Surveys 2016/17

Hydrographic SurveyCompleted
Queen Charlotte Sound and Tory ChannelPending
Approaches to AucklandPending
Kawau BayPending
Tamaki StraitPending

Surveys 2015/16

Hydrographic SurveyCompleted
Rangaunu & Doubtless BayMar 2016
Whangaruru HarbourMar 2016
Hokianga HarbourMar 2016
Parengarenga HarbourMay 2016

Surveys 2014/15

Hydrographic SurveyCompleted
The Auckland IslandsJun 2015
Houhora HarbourJun 2015
Mangonui HarbourJun 2015

Surveys 2013/14

Hydrographic SurveyCompleted
Chalky & Preservation InletsJun 2014
Whangaroa HarbourOct 2014
Tutukaka HarbourOct 2014
Last Updated: 14 March 2017