Cadastral Survey

Overview: survey system

How the cadastral survey system links to other components of the survey and titles system. more...

Rules for Cadastral Survey

Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 and related rulings, guidelines and resources. more...

Unit Titles Act 2010

Information about the implementation the Unit Titles Act 2010 which came into force 20 June 2011. more...

Survey System publications

List of the current survey system publications including rules, standards and guidelines, with quick links to key cadastral survey topics. more...

About Landonline e-survey

Landonline provides for the digital lodgement of Survey Data. more...

Audit process for cadastral survey

Outline of the cadastral survey audit process, which checks that licensed cadastral surveyors are complying with survey standards and legislation. more...

Authority to enter land

Guidance on how a surveyor can seek authorisation to enter private property, for the purpose of conducting a cadastral survey without the landowner's permission, and the limits of this kind of authorisation. more...

Offences relating to cadastral surveys

Information about offences relating to cadastral surveying including interference with survey marks, obstructing a cadastral surveyor, and restrictions on who can undertake cadastral survey work. more...

Survey Strategic Context

LINZ and the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors formed a joint working group to reach a shared view of the future state of the cadastral survey industry. more...

Geodetic system

See the geodetic system section for:

search for geodetic marks

datums, projections & heights

tidal level information for surveyors

NZGD2000 frequently asked questions

coordinate conversion

network protection, development & maintenance.

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