Māori Land Records – Te Ketu Kōrero Whēnua Māori

The Māori Land Court holds the majority of Māori land records. If you are searching for specific Māori land records, we recommend you start there.

Some Māori land records are registered with LINZ. We can provide you with copies of those records, once you have the information needed to make an order (see Ordering a land record).

The headings below lead to pages with more information: about how Māori land records fit in the overall system, how to search for them, and resources and organisations that can help.

What is Māori land?

A legal definition of the term ‘Māori land’, and explanation of how land became Māori freehold land. more...

Searching for Māori land records

How to search for the owner's name, block name and Māori Land Court district; records held by LINZ and Archives New Zealand: Crown purchase deeds, Crown grants and provisional registers; tips on searching for Māori land records and frequently asked questions. more...

Resources you can use

Online and offline resources to assist with your search for Māori land records. more...

Organisations you can contact

Organisations holding records relating to Māori land. more...

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