Record Locations & Access

To ensure LINZ’s historical records remain publicly available following the closure of the Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin processing centres, records are being moved into appropriate storage, compliant with the requirements of the Public Records Act 2005.

Our aim is to store records locally where possible, either moving them to Archives New Zealand or to a third-party storage provider.

Appraising records

Records will be professionally appraised based on their ongoing business or archival value. From this appraisal, a Retention Schedule will be created to ensure LINZ:

  • is managing its hard copy records (as approved by Archive New Zealand's Chief Archivist), and
  • is complying with the Public Records Act 2005, including identifying which records can be destroyed and when, and which records must be retained permanently.

Most of LINZ's historic records will be retained permanently, either by LINZ or by Archives New Zealand.

Record locations

Find a schedule of commonly used records for New Zealand's 12 land registration districts. more...

Future electronic access to records

Today land records are recorded in, and generated by, Landonline. Seven million core survey and title paper records, plus a number of historic records, have been digitised and are available electronically on Landonline.

LINZ has also agreed a process for digitising historical Survey and Title indexes and other searching aids with Archives New Zealand. Archives New Zealand is working on a solution to make the digital images available online to the public in the first quarter of 2011.

Digitising records allows for greater access and helps protect original documents.

Ordering & viewing land records

You can use our online form to order a copy of a land record or request an appointment to view records at one of our regional processing centres. Alternatively, you can:

If you are researching land records, you can check LINZ’s land record types. Other property record providers can also help with historical research.

Lists of any land records transferred to Archives New Zealand will be available through their Archway system.

To search Deeds Indexes and Register records stored at Archives New Zealand, they require one of the following:

  • the Legal Description (Appellation) or title of the parcel of land, or
  • the surname of owners of the land until circa 1900, or
  • the Deeds Index reference.

Legal descriptions can be found on rating valuation notices or rates demands, or by searching maps held on some local council websites. Rating rolls held by some city and district councils may also list the historic legal descriptions for properties.

The surname of the owners of the land or the Deeds Index reference can be found by ordering a copy of a Certificate of Title using the Land Record Order Form.

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