E - Use text to search spatially

You can locate objects in the Spatial Window using the Spatial Searches screen.

You must have the Spatial Window open to perform this type of search.

Display the Spatial Searches screen

In Searches:

  1. Select Search | Spatial Search...


Perform a General Search

In the Spatial Searches screen:

  1. Select the General Searches tab.
  2. Select a Search Type. This activates the fields you can use to search in other parts of the screen.
  3. Filter your search by Land District or Territorial Authority (optional).
  4. Enter the information you want to search by.
    • If searching by street address click Search button (in the Street Address Search area) to display the Street Address Search screen.
    • Enter your search criteria and click OK button to display the street address in the Spatial Searches screen.
  5. Click Search button to display the object in the Spatial Window.


Perform a Survey Search

In the Spatial Searches screen:

  1. Select the Survey Searches tab.
  2. Specify the Search Type, i.e. Survey Number, Parcel Appellation or Mark number. This activates Search button in the area corresponding with the Search Type you have selected.
  3. Click Search button to display the Search Survey, Search Mark or Search Appellation screen.
  4. Enter your search criteria.
  5. Click Search Now button to display search results in the Search Results area of the screen.
  6. Choose a search result and click Select button to display it in the Spatial Searches screen.
  7. Click Search button to display the survey object in the Spatial Window.