When you search for and select a survey it displays in the Surveys folder in the Searches tree.

The Survey folder can contain the following folders and search products (dependent on the survey you searched for):

  • Survey Information: displays the survey's Structured Text.
  • Survey View: displays the captured data in the Spatial View. You can display and hide layers to alter what you see in the Spatial View.
  • Plan image views: may include the Survey Plan, CSD Plan, Title Plan, Imperial Plan and Imperial Plan (colour).
  • Parcels: lists all parcels in the survey.
  • Supporting Documents: lists all supporting documents for the survey.
  • Referenced Surveys: lists all surveys referenced by the survey.
  • Underlying surveys: lists surveys with parcels affected by the survey.
  • Pending Dealings: lists dealings affected by the survey.
  • Marks and Vectors: displays Structured Text of the survey's marks and vectors.


Survey Tree - example