These are the main toolbar icons in Image View.

Previous Page and Next Page icons

Previous Page and Next Page
Click these icons to display either the previous or next page for the image. If these icons are inactive, there is only one page for the current image.

Zoom boxZoom
Select the display option from the drop down list. Alternatively, type the size you wish to display the image at directly in the field.
Rotate Left and Rotate Right iconsRotate Left and Rotate Right
Click these icons to rotate your image 90 degrees to the left, or 90 degrees to the right.
Dragging Tool iconDragging Tool
Click this icon, and drag the visible area of the image to move it in any direction. (This is known as the Pan icon.)
Zoom In Tool and Zoom Out Tool iconsZoom In Tool and Zoom Out Tool
Click the zoom icons and click the image to decrease or increase the scale of the image. Each time you click the image, it decreases or increases further.
Zoom Area Tool icon

Zoom Area Tool
Click this icon to zoom to an area of the selected image. Use the Pan icon to move and view hidden parts of the image.