Find out about some of the roles available at LINZ.

LINZ employs more than 500 staff and, given the broad scope of what we do, offers a wide range of roles across our different locations.

Team Manager Positioning Dionne Hansen

I process and analyse GNSS data from the CORS network covering the Asia-Pacific and a global set of IGS sites. I also analyse time series and integrate them into the national deformation model. I love doing field work and learning from passionate and dedicated people.

People at LINZ are engaged; they socialise together and contribute to a positive work culture. Everyone has a clear line of sight connecting their work with the wider organisation goals. Understanding my contribution gives me a sense of focus and satisfaction from my work.

For me, moving from the UK has been exhilarating, scary, exciting, disorienting, and life affirming. New Zealand is beautiful, with a good quality of life.

Cadastral Surveyor Stacey Spooner

LINZ determines compliance of cadastral surveys datasets (CSDs) submitted by surveyors. I am part of a team of cadastral surveyors who provide advice to approving staff and review a percentage of CSDs. I love sharing my knowledge with colleagues and customers.

I get to troubleshoot a wide variety of CSDs, and work alongside survey and titles experts. I learn a lot from these experts, and from the complex nature of the surveys.

Living and working in Hamilton means a short commute to work. I’m close to the coast and lakes of the North Island. I enjoy being able to work for a government department, but live away from the big cities.

Nautical Cartographer Anja Boehme

I hold a Master’s Degree in Geodata Acquisition and Visualisation, focused on land data. Working with hydrographic data “on and under water” was a brand new experience for me.

Recently, I remediated some electronic charts for publishing which showed me the importance of charting NZ’s waters to meet international standards.

LINZ is a great place to work because of the respectful and friendly environment. Since moving to NZ after my studies from Germany, I feel very settled and welcomed here at LINZ.

Despite the distance to family and friends back home, I can keep in touch with Skype and email, which has made the transition smooth for working in NZ.

Spatial Analyst Sisi Zhang

I support GIS works across LINZ and external customers. There’s lots of variety, exciting and challenging work and I can always learn something new. I work with others to analyse and visualise their spatial data, to help them better understand their datasets.

People at LINZ are really knowledgeable, but also creative. It’s exciting to see how people use spatial data to change how they work. By analysing the data, we see how things change and find answers for questions which contribute to LINZ’s vision the ‘Power of where’.

LINZ has a flexible but professional working environment. I have a good work/life balance, and can enjoy the great outdoors of New Zealand.