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DateInformation releaseType of information
1 April 2021Cabinet paper – Consultation on proposed fees for LINZ survey and title servicesCabinet paper
23 March 2021Consultation on third party funding for the Overseas Investment Office (OIO)Cabinet paper
30 September 2020Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill advicePolicy advice
8 September 2020Public Works Act changes to align with COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020Cabinet papers and aide memoire
24 July 2020Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill: Approval for IntroductionCabinet paper
30 April 2020Overseas Investment Office’s Assessment Report: Drylandcarbon One Limited PartnershipAssessment report
14 April 2020The OIO’s assessment report to ministers on the application by Mercury Agriculture Ltd Partnership to purchase land in South CanterburyAssessment report
21 February 2020Amendment of Ōtorohanga District Council name under the Local Government Act 2002Cabinet paper
21 February 2020Amendment of Ōpōtiki District Council name under the Local Government Act 2002Cabinet paper
3 February 2020Improving the administration of Crown pastoral landRegulatory impact statement
23 January 2020Modernising Landonline – progress update November 2019Cabinet paper
19 December 2019Delivering better outcomes for Crown pastoral land: Final decisionsCabinet paper
28 October 2019Amendment of Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council name under the Local Government Act 2002Cabinet paper
4 October 2019SBAS proposal to authorise joint Ministers to draw down the tagged contingencyCabinet paper
6 May 2019Consolidating existing reserves and other Lands Disposal Acts and resolving matters relating to parcels of national park landCabinet paper
11 February 2019Delivering better outcomes for Crown pastoral landCabinet paper

Overseas Investment Office decision summaries and media releases / news

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) publicly releases a short summary of most applications that are granted or declined, except residential land applications for one home to live in (HTLI). Decision summaries are normally released at the end of the month following the decision.

Recent OIO media releases / news

Last Updated: 1 April 2021