As the Crown’s land manager, we are the guardians of two million hectares of land around New Zealand. We have the second largest landholding of any Crown agency.

We manage some of the most iconic land in the country, ranging from South Island high country pastoral land to bodies of water such as Lakes Wanaka and Wakatipu. We’re responsible for around 7,500 properties including:

  • closed schools
  • courthouses
  • prisons
  • residential properties
  • commercial and industrial building
  • mines, and
  • forestry licences.

Jerome Sheppard is the Deputy Chief Executive Crown Property

The common thread running through all our work is managing public assets to deliver the greatest benefits to all New Zealanders – both for today and in future.

The Crown Property Group is made up of a number of teams:

Crown Property Centre of Expertise

The Crown Property Centre of Expertise (CPCoE) has several roles.

  • Manages and disposes of properties administered by LINZ.
  • Manages and disposes of properties on behalf of the:
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Justice
    • Department of Internal Affairs
    • Department of Corrections.
  • Buys and disposes of Crown-owned land and property. These transactions must be fair and follow the correct regulatory process, and achieve the best return for the taxpayer.
  • Maintains and manages land and property including:
    • monitoring the access to and use of land under our administration
    • cleaning up contaminated sites
    • managing Crown forest land held for Treaty settlements
    • safeguarding the unique biodiversity of our land from the threat of plant and animal pests.

Commissioner of Crown Lands

The Commissioner of Crown Lands administers Crown pastoral land.

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Last Updated: 27 August 2020