Location Information is about the data used to tell us where things are. From addresses, maps and nautical charts to survey marks and satellite navigation, it's essential for many activities and industries.

The Location Information Group helps people access data so, they can:

  • make better decisions
  • be more innovative 
  • build economic, social, environmental and cultural value for New Zealand.

To do this the Location Information Group works closely with local and central government organisations and our customers.

Jan Pierce is the Deputy Chief Executive Location Information

The Location Information Group includes:

National Geodetic Office

The National Geodetic Office collects, maintains and distributes geodetic data. They also provide survey control, they maintain trig beacons and other protective structures. They maintain the PositioNZ network of continuous Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) stations.

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New Zealand Hydrographic Authority

The New Zealand Hydrographic Authority collects, maintains and distributes hydrographic data. They make this data available through the LINZ Data Service, Notices to Mariners, nautical charts, tidal information and other publications. They are also responsible for hydrographic surveying and the positioning of New Zealand’s international boundaries.

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National Topographic Office

The National Topographic Office collects, maintains and distributes topographic data. They use this information to produce printed and online maps.

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The Addressing Team collect, process and manage a national street address and road name dataset. They work with local authorities and the Electoral Commission to maintain the consistency and quality of officially allocated addresses in New Zealand.

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LINZ Data Service

The LINZ Data Service provides access to nationally significant geospatial datasets that include topographic, hydrographic, survey, titles and geodetic data.

LINZ Data Service 

Last Updated: 29 July 2019