Land Information New Zealand can help central and local government agencies before, during and after an emergency event.

We can help with


To find out more about the work we do supporting emergency response and who to contact for further information please email


Maps can be used to help plan an emergency response after a natural disaster. We create and provide the authoritative national record of the country's physical features - New Zealand's topography. Map data and images can be downloaded from the LINZ Data Service.


New Zealand's most up-to-date land and seabed data, including aerial imagery is essential for emergency response and freely available online for download in a variety of formats from our LINZ Data Service. Data available includes:

  • Topographic data and maps
  • Hydrographic data and charts
  • Property data including boundaries and land ownership
  • Place names, street address and roads data
  • Crown land and Crown property data
  • Aerial imagery

Aerial imagery & LiDAR

We can work with you to help coordinate the capture and distribution of new aerial imagery which can aid in showing the impact of a disaster. Existing aerial imagery is freely available online for download in a variety of formats from our LINZ Data Service.

Monitoring earth movements

Horizontal and vertical coordinate and positioning information can provide precise details on the extent and impact of earth movement caused by an event. Our positioning experts provide updated geodectic control to help support recovery from emergency events.

Property rights & surveying

We can help identify and coordinate surveyors to monitor buildings and structures. When an earthquake or other disaster has caused the land to move, there can also be an impact on property boundaries. We can help to determine the impact of earth movement on property boundaries, and give guidance for surveyors to help rebuild.

Valuation standards

A disaster could affect the value of your property. The rating valuation process in Canterbury was significantly affected by the devastating 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. LINZ do not carry out valuations. The Office of the Valuer-General sets standards for the rating valuations and we audit local authorities.

Crown owned land - acquisition, management and disposal services

Our Crown Property Centre of Expertise (CPCoE) has technical expertise under the Public Works Act and provides centralised property acquisition, management and disposal services for other Crown agencies.

Demolition and land remediation

LINZ has an established demolition team with significant operational experience gained responding to Christchurch earthquakes. The team has proven systems and specialist contractors available to provide advice on Crown property, including:

  • safe, effective and cost efficient demolition of damaged or at risk buildings
  • land remediation services in high risk, post event environments
  • support in securing damaged or at risk buildings


Tide predictions are used to assess the potential impact of tsunami and floods, and determine if and when evacuations should take place. We provide daily tide predictions for 64 sites around the coast of New Zealand to help New Zealand respond quickly to tsunami hazards.

Sea level data for sites around New Zealand can be downloaded from LINZ’s FTP site.

Charts and navigation

Charts and navigation information is fundamental for safety at sea. They could be used to plan a response if a disaster has affected our coast or if it occurs at sea. Chart digital images can be downloaded from the LINZ Data Service.

An emergency may create new hazards to mariners. Notices to Mariners are issued fortnightly and annually advise of important matters affecting navigational safety and any immediate changes needed to the information on our charts. You can subscribe to these notices on our website.


Bathymetry data can be used for tsunami modelling, assessing coastal erosion, and shoreline mapping. We provide access to hydrographic and bathymetric data around the coast of New Zealand, and in selected areas of Antarctica and the South-West Pacific. Indexes showing the bathymetric data held by LINZ are available on our LINZ Data Service.

Last Updated: 12 December 2018