We are the people who create and manage information about where things are.

We encourage the use of location information and run New Zealand’s survey and title system, which guarantees people’s property rights. We also manage some of the government’s land and property, and support government decision making around foreign ownership.

Our role is to make sure New Zealand has

  • a world-class location system
  • accurate location information
  • robust property rights
  • sustainably managed Crown property

We work with many organisations and businesses, including

  • government agencies
  • local government
  • iwi and Maori
  • surveyors
  • conveyancers

What we do

We work across land, sea, data, crown property and regulatory areas.


Survey and Titles: providing confidence in our property rights system through the management of survey and title transactions.

Read about Survey and Titles

Valuation: setting rating valuation standards and work with local government to ensure confidence in our rating valuation system.

Read about Valuation

Topographic: recording the physical features of our natural and built environment to provide up-to-date maps and information.

Read about maps

Support for Emergency Services

We support the work of the emergency services by making available copies of maps and charts to operational teams engaged in search and rescue, civil defence and emergency response work.

We have arrangements with Blue Star, our supply chain partner, to make available maps and charts at short notice.

Find contact information for our support for emergency services


Hydrographic: surveying our sea and providing nautical charts and publications for safety of life at sea.

Read about charts


Geospatial: making our location-based information easy to find, share and use to deliver economic, social and cultural benefits to New Zealand.

Read about our location strategy

Geodetic: providing a location-based reference system to enable accurate positioning of land and sea features.

Find about the geodetic system

LINZ Data Service: providing free online access to New Zealand’s most up-to-date land and seabed data.

Read about the LINZ Data Service

Crown Property

Crown property: managing New Zealand’s Crown land, river and lake beds, administers high country pastoral leases, and Crown forestry licences on land held for Treaty settlements.

Read about Crown Property


Electoral Support: Helping determine New Zealand’s electoral boundaries.

Read about Toitū Te Whenua's electoral support role

Overseas investment: administering the rules for overseas investment in sensitive New Zealand assets, and ensuring a balance between protecting those assets and facilitating investments that benefit New Zealand.

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Place names: naming our geographic features and places including those on the continental shelf and in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2021