LINZ is on a journey from being credible to being incredible. Our whakataukī, purpose and values are the common ground that underpins the work we do and our aspirations for the future.

Our whakataukī

Our whakataukī whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua means people come and go, but land remains.

It articulates a simple truth that connects us to what is permanent - the land, papatūānuku, the source of all life. It inspires us as our guiding light and our name is derived from it.


Our purpose

Our purpose binds us together in gathering, protecting and sharing knowledge:

Land, sea and waterways are taonga that connect us all. Our expertise and information help develop and protect these environments for the benefit of all New Zealanders, our visitors, and future generations.

It helps give direction to us as a kaitiaki pārongo whenua, a guardian and custodian of our land's information.


Our values

Living our values helps us to bring to life our whakataukī and purpose:

  • Bold Māia
    I am curious and courageous. I take personal responsibility to be positive and strive to be better.
  • Expert Matatau
    I am passionate about reaching my potential. I keep an open mind and share my knowledge. I am outward-looking, innovative and flexible.
  • Stronger Together Whakapipiri
    I make connections to strengthen my work. I communicate effectively. I care and manaaki influences the way I work. I respect and value diversity.


Our outcomes

LINZ has a framework of outcomes and priorities aimed at sharpening our focus on the things that matter most for New Zealand, and guiding where we put our effort and resources.

The high-level outcomes we are seeking to achieve over the next 10+ years are:

  1. High-value geographic and property information
    New Zealanders, public agencies, businesses and communities have the geographic and property information they need to make well-informed decisions about things that matter to them.
  2. World-class property system
    New Zealanders are able to own, transact, develop and invest in land and property with confidence, so that they and their communities can live the lives they aspire to, both now and in the future.
  3. Making best use of the Crown Estate
    New Zealanders, visitors and future generations all benefit from the careful protection and use of the Crown Estate, and recognise its improvement over time as being in New Zealand's best interest.
  4. Safeguard New Zealand’s interest in sensitive assets
    New Zealand derives significant benefits from the acquisition and ownership of sensitive assets by overseas investors, and New Zealanders recognise that these investments are in New Zealand's interest.

Read more about our Outcomes Framework

Last Updated: 6 November 2020