Our vision, strategy and values

Our vision, strategy and values underpin the work LINZ does and our priorities for the future.

Our 10-year vision – The Power of ‘Where’ Drives New Zealand’s Success  – highlights that location-related decisions lie at the heart of New Zealand’s economic, social, environmental and cultural prosperity.  Whether it is a decision about how we use land, buying or selling property, or managing public land, location-related information is key to making better decisions and unlocking value for New Zealanders.

Reflecting the vision, LINZ has set itself the goal of increasing the value created for New Zealand through the use of location information by tenfold over 10 years.

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To deliver on our vision and goal, LINZ has three strategic objectives:

  • Increase the use of geographic information
    We will drive the delivery of accessible and usable geographic information for industry and government to provoke better decisions and inspire innovation.
  • Unlock the value of property
    We will target New Zealand’s property services and information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential.
  • Improve resilience to natural events
    We will enable those who are making decisions on the impacts and risks of natural hazards to have the right information to help protect New Zealanders and their assets.

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LINZ has a framework of outcomes and priorities aimed at sharpening our focus on the things that matter most for New Zealand, and guiding where we put our effort and resources.

The high-level outcomes we are seeking to achieve over the next 10+ years are:

  • High-value geographic and property information
    Geographic and property information are used effectively to deliver value for New Zealand.
  • World-class property system
    The property system is ready for the future, built for growth and changing needs.
  • Making best use of the Crown Estate
    Getting the best public value from the Crown Estate, for the benefit of all New Zealanders.
  • Safeguard New Zealand’s interest in sensitive assets
    Ownership of sensitive assets reflects New Zealand’s best interests.

Within these four outcomes, we will pay particular attention to three cross-cutting ‘key challenges’ for New Zealand where LINZ can make a significant difference:

  • Water
    Contribute to better management of fresh water, including quality and allocation
  • Resilience and climate change
    Support efforts to prepare for, mitigate and adapt to the impacts on land and sea of climate change and one-off events (natural and man-made).
  • Urban areas
    Contribute to managing and responding to pressures on urban areas from population growth.

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Our three core values reflect what we stand for, who we are and the way we need to work to achieve our vision, strategy and goals:

  • Bold
    We take personal responsibility to be better every day. We’re courageous, agile and unafraid to fail.
  • Expert
    We’re among the best in the world, but we never take that for granted. We’re passionate about reaching our potential.
  • Stronger Together
    Manaaki connects us. Diversity is our strength. We back each other, challenge and keep each other safe.


Strategies that direct and focus specific programmes of work.

Last Updated: 11 January 2018