Geospatial steward and custodian framework

NZGO has established the steward and custodian framework to help New Zealand gain the greatest benefits from its valuable fundamental geospatial data.

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The framework establishes the different roles and responsibilities as a way to ensure that data is managed effectively and that governance structures are in place.

Delivering high quality, easily discoverable, accessible, and readily available fundamental geospatial datasets requires a governance framework that clearly defines roles and responsibilities. 

The New Zealand Geospatial Office has developed a steward and custodian framework, and is working with organisations to implement the framework in a New Zealand spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Key benefits of the steward and custodian framework

  • Supporting accountability for fundamental geospatial datasets by formally appointing stewards and custodians with measurable responsibilities.
  • Providing clarity in the roles and relationships throughout the supply chain, and recognised, authoritative points of contact.
  • Coordinating activities across the fundamental data theme, and preventing and resolving duplicated efforts where different agencies are managing similar datasets.
  • Promoting widespread awareness of fundamental geospatial datasets for appropriate, effective use and reuse.

Roles and responsibilities

  • SDI leadership
    • The New Zealand Geospatial Office is implementing, leading and managing the steward and custodian framework, and ensuring that appropriate overarching policies, base standards, and processes are developed and maintained on behalf of the Crown.
  • Theme leadership
    • The Steward works at a systems and strategic level, taking a holistic and aspirational view  in the national interest across a fundamental data theme. The agency promotes good practice, and coordinates activities to ensure best outcomes, bringing the views of the users to the table.
  • Dataset leadership
    • The Custodian (Leadership) ensures that appropriate data management policies and standards are developed and maintained on behalf of the Crown.
  • Dataset delivery
    • The Custodian (Delivery) has responsibility for the continued existence, availability, and integrity of the dataset for as long as is required.

Download the steward and custodian framework overview as a PDF

Enabling consistent and efficient production, maintenance and delivery of fundamental geospatial data using agreed standards.

Fundamental data guidance series

Find out more by downloading our framework documents below. Please note, we regularly update these documents.

Last Updated: 7 October 2015