Our values

Our three core values – Bold, Expert, Stronger Together (BEST) – reflect what we stand for, who we are and the way we need to work to achieve our vision and goal.

  • Bold – We take personal responsibility to be better every day. We’re courageous, agile and unafraid to fail.
  • Expert – We’re among the best in the world, but we never take that for granted. We’re passionate about reaching our potential.
  • Stronger Together – Manaaki connects us. Our diversity is our strength. We back each other, challenge and keep each other safe.

Taken together, our values represent a change in the way we work and how we see ourselves. We bring our BEST to help drive New Zealand’s success.

Our workforce

The diversity of the work that we do means there are a wide range of capabilities that are critical to us being able to deliver our services and achieve our strategic objectives. To increase our influencing and enabling skills requires more deeply embedding capabilities such as strategic thinking and relationship building.

We will continue to develop our leadership abilities at all levels, to support the successful delivery of our strategic direction and the embedding of our BEST values and culture. We will continue to focus on building capability from within due to the scarcity of the technical expertise we require in the market. The depth of knowledge and technical capability we require is high, is not always readily available within the New Zealand market and is limited internationally. The additional pressure of an aging workforce means we continue to have a strong emphasis on succession and talent management.

Working closely with Māori and iwi is important to us in fulfilling our regulatory functions as well as achieving our longer term vision. We will continue to develop our capability to deliver our Business with Māori strategy – He Whāriki Maurua [3]. We will continue implementing our learning and development programme – Whakapakari – which supports leaders and staff to grow their awareness and understanding of te reo, tikanga (protocols) and issues facing Māori and iwi.

Leadership, structure and governance

Over the next four years we will further embed the new governance structures we introduced in 2015/16 to ensure that a strategic lens is used for important decisions. We will also take better advantage of the talent we have by evolving our key decision-making processes so that they are more inclusive. We will balance this against the need to make timely decisions and maintain a nimble approach to problem-solving.

Risk management – strategic risks and mitigation strategies

We will continue to focus on managing risks to achieving our objectives. Our risk management approach is based on AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines. We use risk management practices in line with this standard.

For more information on our current identified strategic risks and mitigation strategies please refer to the 2015/16 Annual Report.

Information systems and infrastructure

We rely heavily, and increasingly, on technology to deliver our services. We need a strong information technology capability to progress all of our work, for the collection, storage and processing of data as well as for our own business needs.

Our ICT strategy identifies four drivers from the ICT industry that provide the greatest opportunity to support us achieving our three strategic objectives and improving the service we provide to customers.

  1. Big data/analytics is the opportunity for mining new data and bigger datasets through new tools and processes. Over the next four years our work with big data/analytics will enable greater analytics capability to discover insights and provoke better decisions.
  2. Cloud computing provides the opportunity to procure shared computing resources that can provide benefits in immediacy, scalability and cost. Over the next four years we will be looking towards cloud computing to provide access to cost effective solutions to store and process large datasets.
  3. Interoperability is the opportunity for systems being able to work better together. Over the next four years our work in the interoperability area will see us joining up systems both within LINZ and across central and local government to provide more seamless services to citizens and business.
  4. Our digital workplace driver is about our staff having a flexible and modern set of tools delivered where and when they need them. Over the next four years we will be providing users with a flexible working environment to be their BEST (Bold, Expert and Stronger Together) to support delivery of our strategic objectives.

Being better every day

Continuously improving how we manage and carry out our work is critical to meeting our customers’ various and changing needs. Since 2014 we have been building our continuous improvement capability using the cross-government Better Every Day method. We are committed to continuing to embed and grow our continuous improvement capability.

Financial strategy, model and realisation

  • We are funded through a mix of Crown appropriation and third party fees and charges, with approximately one third of our funding being Crown and two thirds of our funding being third party.
  • Third party fees and charges are based on recovering the cost of providing the service to the user.
  • We have continued to absorb inflationary pressures and undertake new activities through prudent financial management, reprioritisation of funding and implementing new ways of operating. Over the next four years we expect cost pressures to present greater challenges in both Crown and third party funded operations. We will continue to develop our financial strategy and our financial model to ensure that we are directing our financial resources to those activities that will contribute the most towards achieving our strategic objectives.

Assessing our performance and progress

Having high-quality information about how we are progressing enables us to:

  • assess and improve the effectiveness and impact of our activities
  • decide where to focus our efforts and resources
  • help develop new and better services, products and programmes
  • be transparent and accountable in our use of resources, and illustrate the value of our work.

We will continue developing performance measures that provide the incentives and insights for continuous improvement. Detailed measures and targets for our performance are included in the Information Supporting the Estimates available on the Treasury website. We will report against these specific measures and targets in our Annual Report, and supplement this with information from evaluations and case studies.

[3] Available on http://www.linz.govt.nz/about-linz/maori-and-iwi-development/our-approach-and-strategy