Our end users include: people working with surveyors and lawyers to buy a property; mariners navigating at sea; people using our maps; tenants of Crown land; data analysts and software developers using our data; and defence and emergency services who need to know the terrain of an area.

People use our data to make decisions about property

People want to know more about the land they’re interested in, and the best possible options for the land’s use. This information will help them more easily unlock the value of their land, whether that be economic, social, cultural or environmental.

LINZ supports better decision-making by Māori and iwi by making land information available. We have strong working relationships with Māori and iwi and intend to improve our support of Māori economic, environmental, social and cultural development.

Our Business with Māori Strategy, He Whāriki Maurua, is giving effect to this through Memoranda of Understanding signed with iwi, and initiatives to improve access to geographic information.

People use our data to innovate, invest and make decisions

Customer satisfaction surveys undertaken in 2014/15 told us that our data customers want us to increase the types of data we make available, and make the data more integrated. They are also looking to us for an increased range of services and products. They are asking LINZ to take a leadership role in establishing the infrastructure or systems that they can use to get access to more information faster in seamless and automated ways.

We want to deliver more information to an appropriate standard of quality and timeliness. Customers use our data to produce information that becomes the knowledge they use for decision-making and action. It is important that customers trust the quality and completeness of the information on which they base their decisions and actions.

We will build stronger relationships with key stakeholders and customers

We value our customers and stakeholders. We know that to achieve our vision, we must gain a deeper understanding of external groups so we can engage with them at an appropriate level, and provide support at the right time. We will work with them to shape future products and design our service delivery.

Our strategy, goals and priorities for the next 10 years focus on increasing the value we deliver to our customers and stakeholders.