This provides an overview of our work, our intentions and our contribution.

Our Minister’s priorities in detail:

Opening government data to create opportunities

Making data and information open, accessible, and available for reuse enables better decision-making and inspires innovation.

Contributing to the business growth agenda by working with regions and cities

The Business Growth Agenda is an ambitious programme of work that will support New Zealand businesses to grow. I want LINZ to support this through focusing existing and new work on creating opportunities for New Zealanders, its businesses, communities and people. I expect LINZ to have work programmes focused on the real opportunities that can be delivered, and to make a difference in people’s lives at a local level.

Leveraging LINZ’s expertise across government

As a small department with specialist expertise around land and information, LINZ can make a wider contribution to government outcomes. I expect LINZ to work in an integrated way to enable and support outcomes across agencies and government.

Government priorities

  • Responsibly managing the Government’s finances
  • Building a more competitive and productive economy
  • Delivering better public services
  • Rebuilding Christchurch

Ministerial priorities

  • Opening government data to create opportunities
  • Contributing to the Business Growth Agenda by working with regions and cities
  • Leveraging LINZ’s expertise across government


  • The power of where drives New Zealand’s success


  • To grow by tenfold the value created for New Zealand through the use of geographic information over the next decade

Our strategic objectives

  • Increase the use of geographic information
    We will drive the delivery of accessible and usable geographic information for industry and government to provoke better decisions and inspire innovation.
  • Unlock the value of property
    We will target New Zealand’s property information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential.
  • Improve resilience to natural events
    We will enable those who are making decisions on the impacts and risks of natural hazards to have the right information that will help protect New Zealanders and their assets.

Our purpose

  • We make geographic information accessible and usable
  • We protect New Zealanders’ property rights
  • We ensure Crown property is sustainably managed

Output classes from the estimates

  • Administering New Zealand’s Overseas Investment regime
  • Crown Land
  • Location Based Information
  • Property Rights
  • Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Land Ownership and Management
  • Policy Advice and Related Services