We will target New Zealand’s property information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential.

Much of our work and responsibilities relate to property. We have a leading role to drive ease of use and speed of movement through the property system, and to improve accessibility, cost, accuracy and clarity. By working across central and local government to enable the release of comprehensive property and building information, we can make it less time-consuming and expensive for people to make decisions about property.

In four years

In the next four years, we will have:

  • increased access to property data that can be linked
  • improved quality and completeness of property data
  • optimised LINZ’s property regulatory settings to unlock the value of property data
  • improved government processes around the property government manages.

New work to unlock the value of property

We are developing a suite of programmes and projects to unlock the value of property. Some of the outcomes of these programmes and projects will be:

  • developing the next generation survey and title IT platform, the Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS), that will improve services to property buyers, sellers and developers
  • improving access to property data through an Integrated Property Services programme
  • improving the way we undertake survey and land title work, for example by applying the Better Every Day approach (developed and supported by the State Services Commission)
  • supporting Te Ture Whenua Māori Act reforms
  • developing a register of Crown land and improving the quality of information available on Crown and Māori land
  • enabling improvements to the data in the cadastre
  • clearing and managing Crown-owned Residential Red Zone land in Canterbury – and contributing specialist advice to inform future use and disposal decisions
  • using the skills acquired during the Residential Red Zone clearance to streamline the Landbank demolition requirements.

Core functions that support unlocking the value of property

We administer the survey and title system, which helps to ensure confidence in property rights through facilitating the sale, purchase and development of property at a low cost. Our administration of the property rights system includes three statutory officers (the Valuer-General, the Surveyor-General and the Registrar-General of Land), who administer the regulatory frameworks necessary to ensure the integrity of New Zealand’s property rights system.

On behalf of the Crown, we manage around eight percent of New Zealand’s land area. We also have responsibilities to clear and manage Crown-owned properties in the Residential Red Zone areas in greater Christchurch, and support the effective administration of Crown land across the public sector by managing the framework through which most government agencies buy and sell land.

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) is the part of LINZ that decides or recommends to Ministers on applications from overseas investors seeking to acquire sensitive New Zealand assets. The regime requires overseas investors to demonstrate their investment will generate greater value than any probable New Zealand investment. In early 2016 the Government increased fees payable by applicants. This additional revenue will enable faster decision-making and strengthen monitoring and enforcement of compliance with consent conditions.

Measuring and monitoring our success

In the short term, to drive our performance in unlocking the value of property, we will monitor improvements in our property datasets. In the longer term, success for each strategic objective will be measured through its contribution to achieving our overall goal to grow by tenfold the value created for New Zealand over the next decade.