There are capabilities we already have, and others we need to strengthen, in order to confidently deliver on our strategy.

We need to build our leadership and business capabilities

To achieve our goals, we need to lift our capability to:

  • Think strategically: We need to think strategically about our role across government and for New Zealand. We need to build greater awareness of the issues and opportunities for our customers.
  • Lead with influence: We need to champion the benefits that geographic information can bring, and to work as business partners with our customers. This will require skills in building relationships and working collaboratively.
  • Engage at the political interface: We need to understand how the political system works in the context of what we do and how it can enable us to make things happen.
  • Develop talent: We need to attract, keep, inspire and grow the diverse capabilities our people need to achieve our vision.
  • Manage work priorities: We need to bring discipline to the way initiatives are managed throughout their life cycle. This includes improving prioritisation to support our strategic objectives, and a stronger focus on outcomes and benefits.
  • Measure and manage performance: We need to develop a stronger focus on results and accountability to support faster decision-making and address performance gaps.

LINZ will deliberately build these capabilities to lift our level of influence and impact across government and for New Zealand.

Our professional and technical capabilities are core to our success

We must preserve core capabilities that cut across and enable our strategic objectives.

Regulation is a critical responsibility for LINZ, protecting the integrity of land ownership, and giving New Zealanders confidence in their property rights. We take pride in and respect the independence and expertise of our statutory officers and the teams who support them.

  • Surveyor-General – regulates cadastral and geodetic survey systems
  • Valuer-General – regulates the rating valuations system Registrar-General of Land – regulates the land registrationsystem
  • Commissioner of Crown Lands – has statutory responsibility for all Crown land

Specialist expertise in geographic information is essential to our reputation. We contribute to global forums and work programmes, and have built international relationships and a respected position as a neutral and credible voice. We need to foster the transfer of knowledge and to build capability throughout New Zealand. We can do this by facilitating movements in and out of LINZ.

Business with Māori is a strong focus throughout LINZ – in our role to support the Treaty settlement process and through He Whāriki Maurua, our Business with Māori Strategy which makes all our people think about how we support better outcomes for Māori. Improving the potential of Māori land to support social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes for Māori is an important driver behind our strategic objectives.

Data and Information Management is at the centre of what we do. To achieve our vision we need to apply good data management practices to our important datasets. We must support other agencies to do the same for theirs.