From a human point of view, the more we know, and the more we use what we know, the better.

Good geographic information and wise land management are a must in a country where land and waters are integral to our wellbeing, economy and identity.

Challenges include the need to boost economic performance while managing environmental impact; intensify housing in our major cities; and respond to climate change.

Accurate, comprehensive and accessible geographic information will help New Zealand meet these challenges by inspiring innovation and driving more informed decisions by central and local government, industry and business, and individuals.

LINZ understands this potential. Our vision is that the power of where drives New Zealand’s success. We’ve signed up to the goal of multiplying by tenfold the value that geographic information creates for New Zealand over the next decade.

This strategic plan focuses our effort on three objectives.

  • Increase the use of geographic information
  • Unlock the value of property
  • Improve resilience to natural events

New Zealanders already depend on us to support property sale and purchase through the survey and title system and Overseas Investment Office. They count on our expertise in geographic information, and in managing government-owned land and property.

Our objectives recognise our roles and expertise, but push us to do better by approaching our work differently. For example, these objectives require our people to work across business groups as well as within business groups, and with colleagues in organisations throughout New Zealand.

This strategic plan also answers a call from our people, who have told us that they need to see more clearly how the work they do contributes to our vision and goal.

Underpinning our objectives are three values: Bold, Expert and Stronger Together (BEST). These values describe the way we will work together to bring our BEST to drive New Zealand’s success. They come directly from the words our people used to describe the culture they believe will make LINZ more successful.

So what now?

This strategic plan sets the compass for every plan and action we take from now on, while our values define how we work together. Our 4 Year Plans will add detail, setting out for business groups and teams what they will do and how we will measure value. Every individual’s performance plan will make their contribution clear.

LINZ’s strategic plan and values are a critical development. Implementation will be challenging. I am confident however, that with these foundations in place, we will realise our vision and goal.


Peter Mersi
Chief Executive / Tumuaki Matua Land Information New Zealand