Our values are the qualities we need to create the right culture to achieve our vision.

Our values

We have set what we consider to be the values and key behaviours to collectively drive our culture in the right direction.

Our three core values – Bold, Expert, Stronger Together – reflect what we stand for, who we are and the way we need to work to achieve our vision and goals.

We bring our BEST to drive New Zealand’s success

  • Bold - We take personal responsibility to be better every day. We’re courageous, agile and unafraid to fail.
  • Expert - We’re among the best in the world, but we never take that for granted. We’re passionate about reaching our potential.
  • Stronger Together - Manaaki connects us. Our diversity is our strength. We back each other, challenge and keep each other safe.

To achieve our vision we need to work more collaboratively, both internally across business groups and externally across government and industry. We need to seek out and partner with people across New Zealand who share the same passion for the outcomes we aim to bring about: open access to interconnected geographic information; unlocking the value of property; and making New Zealand more resilient in the face of natural events. This is what being stronger together means.

Working with others will require us to lift our sense of purpose, confidence, and ability and to step beyond our comfort zone. We need to be open to different ways of working, trying new things and speaking up when it matters. This is what being bold means.

Our expertise is something we value and should not take for granted. We must continue to challenge ourselves to learn and to openly share knowledge and capabilities within our organisation and the community. This is what being expert means.

Taken together, our values represent a change in the way we work and how we see ourselves.