Our strategy focuses our efforts to create greater value for New Zealand. The plan sets out why we have chosen our direction, what we will do to deliver on our vision and how we will work differently.

Our vision

Our vision is that the power of where drives New Zealand’s success

Geographic and property information matter. They tell us where and what things are. They help us plan for the future and make good decisions. They enable us to build and care for our resources and property, and recover faster from natural disasters. This information needs to be easy to find and use, alongside all the other information that New Zealanders, businesses, communities and government use every day.

We have the opportunity to increase the significant contribution that geographic information already makes to New Zealand’s success – its economic, environmental, social, and cultural prosperity.

Our goal

Our goal is to grow by tenfold the value created for New Zealand through the use of geographic information over the next decade.

We will do this by being the champion for world-class geographic information to inspire better decisions and innovation. We want to support anyone making any decision where location matters. Better access to geographic information will enable us to:

  • reduce transaction costs and frustration in finding information
  • speed up planning and decision-making
  • aid more sustainable decisions that benefit future generations
  • drive greater resilience and faster recovery from natural events.

Our strategic objectives

We have set ourselves three strategic objectives to deliver on our vision

Our strategic objectives are the critical things we need to achieve in order to reach our goal. We will focus our actions on these strategic objectives over the next ten years and align our skills and resources with what is most important.

In developing our strategic plan we identified and focused on where we can contribute most and drive the greatest return in economic, social, cultural and environmental value for New Zealand.

Our strategic objectives reflect these opportunities, and build on our strengths and core capabilities.

Increase the use of geographic information

We will drive the delivery of accessible and usable geographic information for industry and government to provoke better decisions and inspire innovation.

Unlock the value of property

We will target New Zealand’s property services and information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential.

Improve resilience to natural events

We will enable those who are making decisions on the impacts and risks of natural hazards to have the right information that will help protect New Zealanders and their assets.

Our strategic plan provides line of sight between what we do every day and what we achieve for our customers and for New Zealand.