Targeting New Zealand’s property services and information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential

Much of LINZ’s work and responsibilities relate to property rights. We have a leading role to drive ease of use, speed of movement through the system, accessibility, cost, accuracy and clarity.

By working across central and local government to enable the release of comprehensive property and building information, we can make it less time-consuming and expensive for people to make decisions about property.

We are BEST placed to do this because:

  • We have a strong interest across New Zealand’s property system. We are responsible for legislation and regulation through to land management, acquisition and disposal.
  • Our Crown Property Centre of Expertise and clearances teams provide leadership across government in managing and disposing of property.
  • We administer the overseas investment regime which considers applications for acquisition of sensitive assets.
  • Our Crown Property Disposals e-portal has improved the information sharing process between agencies and we are extending this to cover the Right of First Refusal offer-back process for Māori and iwi.

We are seeking to accomplish:

Increased knowledge and management of property so that all rights, restrictions and responsibilities are readily available and understood; joined up and easily accessible property information that is available for reuse; and quicker processes and better decisions about property.

What we will achieve - open access to property data

There will be open access to property data that is seamlessly linked.

How we will do this

  • We will leverage ways to create and open up seamlessly linked property data.
  • We will support and engage councils to make property data open.

Success will mean

  • There is less frustration, expense and wasted time for homeowners, builders and developers who need access to joined-up property information.
  • It is faster and easier for insurance companies to respond to claims from natural disasters.
  • Better services are being delivered by the private sector to support New Zealanders to realise the potential of their property.

What we will achieve - improved quality and completeness of property data

The quality and completeness of property data will be improved.

How we will do this

  • We will focus on high priority initiatives to improve the cadastre in relation to Crown land and Māori land.
  • We will replace Landonline with a next generation system and support Te Ture Whenua Māori Land Act reforms to develop a register of Crown land and to improve the quality of information available for Crown and Māori land.
  • We will enable improvements to the information in the cadastre.

Success will mean

  • Better quality and more complete property data enables people to increase the utilization and productivity of their land.
  • Māori landowners can quickly access accurate land related records.
  • Māori landowners have access to improved services and support to realise the potential of their land.

What we will achieve - optimised LINZ’s property regulatory settings 

We will have optimised LINZ’s property regulatory settings to unlock the value of property data.

We will have improved government processes around the property it manages.

How we will do this

  • We will lead a review of the framework for acquisitions and disposals to enable better management of Crown land.
  • We will implement the changes required in other regulatory areas to remove barriers to transacting property.
  • We will engage and support agencies that manage Crown land to improve property management.

Success will mean

  • Crown land transactions will be faster and more efficient for those wishing to sell, purchase or lease Crown land.
  • Faster decisions on acquisitions and disposals of Crown land.
  • Improved management of Crown property leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness.