Our strategic plan outlines where we will focus our effort over the next ten years. It describes what we will do to make a bigger difference than we do now.

It will help us make choices about:

  • what we do
  • what our customers want
  • how the environment will impact us
  • what capabilities we need to deliver, what we do well, and what we need to do better.

Our purpose

Land is central to New Zealand’s social and cultural identity, and its economic growth and prosperity. At LINZ, we create, manage and share information about where things are, in, on and around our land and waters. The value we create for New Zealand is diverse.

While many of the services we provide result in a physical product such as a map or chart, others are largely invisible to the public, such as the collection of core geographic information, maintenance of New Zealand’s positioning framework, or management of Crown land. This work is a key part of

New Zealand’s infrastructure and adds considerable value to New Zealanders.

When last measured, in 2009, the value derived from geospatial information to New Zealand was estimated to add $1.2 billion in economic benefits.

We lead and work with others

We work with central and local government agencies, businesses, iwi and Māori, surveyors and conveyancers, as well as the users of our products and services. We work with others to make sure New Zealand has:

  • accurate and interconnected geographic information
  • robust property rights
  • sustainably managed Crown property.

Together, we make sure New Zealand has data, information and technologies that work together so people can unlock benefits to build New Zealand’s prosperity.

We make geographic information accessible and usable

We’re connecting geographic information into a national spatial data infrastructure for New Zealand. A spatial data infrastructure can be broadly defined as a network of components that allows people to find, share and use spatial data.

This includes topographic maps and nautical charts, property information and aerial imagery. Most of our information is available free, online, in readily reusable formats through the LINZ Data Service. We champion sharing and exchange of public information through the New Zealand Open Government Information and Data Programme and our role in promoting a national infrastructure for geographic information.

We protect New Zealanders’ property rights

We regulate and administer the survey and title system which records ownership and guarantees titles for New Zealand. This provides people, businesses and banks with confidence in property rights, and a system that facilitates the sale, purchase and development of property at a reasonable cost.

We manage and protect our land

We are the guardians of two million hectares of Crown land, including some of New Zealand’s most iconic land, from South Island high country pastoral land to the beds of lakes Wanaka and Wakatipu. We manage $500 million of assets for other government agencies, using our expertise to deliver greater efficiency and benefit to New Zealand. We also oversee overseas ownership of sensitive New Zealand assets, through the Overseas Investment Office.

We are leveraging our core strengths

Our strategy, goals and priorities for the next 10 years should leverage our core expertise and our strengths in geographic information, and in land and property administration