Our strategic plan sets out our vision and long term intent through our strategic objectives.

Our vision

The power of where drives New Zealand’s success

Our goal

To grow by tenfold the value created for New Zealand through the use of geographic information over the next decade

Our strategic objectives

  • Increase the use of geographic information - We will drive the delivery of accessible and usable geographic information for industry and government to provoke better decisions and inspire innovation.
  • Unlock the value of property - We will target New Zealand’s property services and information so that people making decisions on Crown land, Māori land, and urban intensive areas can realise its potential.
  • Improve resilience to natural events - We will enable those who are making decisions on the impacts and risks of natural hazards to have the right information that will help protect New Zealanders and their assets.

Our values

  • Bold -  We take personal responsibility to be better every day. We’re courageous, agile and unafraid to fail.
  • Expert - We’re among the best in the world, but we never take that for granted. We’re passionate about reaching our potential.
  • Stronger Together - Manaaki connects us. Our diversity is our strength. We back each other, challenge and keep each other safe.