Our strategic plan sets out our vision and long term intent through our strategic objectives.

Along with our current 4 Year Plan and annual business group and team performance plans, our strategic plan provides line of sight from what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it, and what we do day to day.

The objectives and actions in this strategic plan need to be shared and acted upon throughout LINZ, and progress will need to be evaluated.

Sharing our strategic intent is a senior leader responsibility. However it is the responsibility of all to be guided by the intent, and a journey for the whole of LINZ to embark upon.

As we progress, some actions are likely to be added, some will be modified, and some might be removed altogether. This is how we will ensure we keep focused on where we add most value.

We will also assess how we are tracking against our goal to grow by tenfold the value created for New Zealand through the use of geographic information over the next decade. To do this, we will need to develop an approach to track the value from the economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits.

We will review our progress regularly and assess whether our strategic objectives remain the right ones.

Reporting our progress will be achieved through our most recent Annual Report.

Diagram showing LINZ strategy framework