LINZ has a framework of outcomes and priorities aimed at sharpening our focus on the things that matter most for New Zealand, and guiding where we put our effort and resources.

About this document

This document outlines the Outcomes Framework LINZ has developed, laying out its strategic direction for the next ten years. The outcomes, priorities and areas of focus are the result of intensive consultation with internal staff and key external stakeholders throughout the public and private sectors.

In this pack you will find

  • A context page explaining where we have come from, what the current environment we operate within is, and where we intend to head over the next decade. There is an explanation of how the Outcomes Framework aligns our planning framework with our strategic plan, filling in the ‘missing middle’.
  • There is an explanation of the key challenges for New Zealand that LINZ is going to focus our efforts on over the next ten years. The process for choosing these challenges is also explained.
  • The ten year outcomes we are committing to are broken down into areas of focus. The areas of focus have a set of short-term and long-term priorities designed to achieving our outcomes and realising significant value for New Zealand.
  • Each set of priorities are labelled as either ‘Functional’ or ‘Operational’ Leadership. ‘Operational leadership’ refers to matters largely within LINZ’s ability to manage/control, whether by statutory responsibility or as a matter of commonly-accepted practice. ‘Functional leadership’ refers to matters in which LINZ has a significant interest, but must work with and through others in order to make gains.

We encourage you to take the time and engage with this material, as it indicates the work that lies ahead for our organisation and who will be involved in this.