This section explains how the Outcomes Framework interacts with our strategy and planning.

Filling in the missing middle

A gap has been identified between the strategic plan and planning framework. This gap is characterised as the 'missing middle', which is illustrated as a triangle pointing upwards that is divided into three parts horizontally. The top section of the triangle represents the strategic plan; the bottom of the triangle represents the planning framework; and, the negative space inbetween the top and the bottom represents the 'missing middle'.

Underneath this triangle is a shape that would fill the negative space representing the missing middle. This shape is labelled the new Outcomes Framework. Within the Outcomes Framework shape is a list:

  • Outcomes
    10+ years
  • Priorities
    3-5 years
  • Priorities
    1-2 years

A dark shaded area runs along the right side of the Outcomes Framework shape. Within the shaded area is the title 'Key Challenges', from which arrows point to the top and bottom of the shape to signify that the Key Challenges run across all aspects of the Outcomes Framework.