Being more proactive and leading more deliberately means we need to be looking more to the world in 10+ year’s time – beyond the immediate future.

This means – while keeping a firm eye on what our customers want – we also need to take into account the ‘big’ challenges that New Zealand is facing, which will in turn impact on our current customers and shape who our future customers will be.

Key challenges are by nature complex and enduring – not solved in a year or two. While new challenges might arise from time to time, we would generally expect them to remain priorities for LINZ for over five years. This is recognising that the capability required to effectively address them represents a significant investment. They are selected on the basis of how ‘big’ the challenge is; whether it is amenable to solution; and how much effect LINZ can have.

Addressing the key challenges is part of delivering on our outcomes – not separate from them. Further details are included in this document.

ChallengeWaterResilience and climate changeUrban areas
DescriptionContribute to better management of fresh water, including quality and allocation (3-waters are in ‘urban areas’).Support efforts to prepare for, mitigate and adapt to the impacts on land and sea of climate change and one-off events (natural and human-induced).Contribute to managing and responding to pressures on urban areas from population growth.
Possible Actions (Illustrative Only)
  • restrictions on foreign ownership of water rights
  • datasets to support councils’ planning for water quality and access
  • use Crown Estate to rehabilitate waterways, lakes
  • mitigation measures (eg riparian planting) in overseas investment consents
  • datasets to support hazard mapping, research and forecasting of events and climate change
  • advise government on long-term options for Edgecumbe, etc.
  • identify surplus/underutilised land for housing
  • datasets to support local infrastructure planning
  • require overseas investors to build new houses
  • deliver IPS to support councils’ urban planning
Is CriticalHighHighHigh
Our ImpactMediumMediumHigh

LINZ's value-add

Build on our existing strengths and expertise in managing data, the property system, land and foreign ownership to:

  • Support better government, council and private decisions by enabling access to key high-value, linked datasets
  • Target direct improvements through our operational responsibilities.