Our outcomes identify where we think LINZ can add most value to New Zealand and New Zealanders, consistent with our 10-fold goal.

They span both what we can directly contribute (‘operational leadership’) and where we can work with others to contribute (‘functional leadership’). The outcomes are a statement about where LINZ thinks it can add most value over the long-term.

LINZ’s four outcomes are set out below and in the following pages. The outcomes include paying particular attention to ‘key challenges for New Zealand’ (see next page). The key challenges are relevant to all four outcomes – which means we need to work collaboratively across LINZ to contribute to addressing them. They are part of – not separate from – achieving the outcomes.

  1. High-value geographic and property information
    Geographic and property information are used effectively to deliver value for New Zealand
  2. World-class property system
    The property system is ready for the future, built for growth and changing needs.
  3. Making the best use of the Crown Estate
    Getting the best public value from the Crown Estate, for the benefit of all New Zealanders.
  4. Safeguard New Zealand's interest in senstive assets
    Ownership of sensitive assets reflects New Zealand's best interests.