This page lists common questions and answers about the programme to rebuild Landonline.

Why is it so important that Landonline is modernised?

Landonline is a critical piece of New Zealand’s infrastructure. The integrated online survey and title system underpins all property transactions in New Zealand and holds more than two million titles. Around 200,000 titles are issued or reissued every year, with around 10,000 survey plans processed.

There is no other way to buy and sell property in New Zealand. If Landonline stopped working, property transactions across the country would be affected, and our economy would be significantly impacted.

The current Landonline system also provides the core information for New Zealand to be able to respond to emergencies, natural disasters and biosecurity concerns. It provides accurate and authoritative property data to a wide range of location information systems.

What is the problem with the current Landonline system?

Landonline is 20 years old. It’s increasingly difficult to maintain and enhance, is expensive and slow to respond to changing requirements.  Its core software is nearing ‘end of life’ and not recommended for further development.

It can’t be accessed without installing special software, and customers are waiting for new functionality to be implemented to make their jobs easier.

Customers are required to complete complicated software installs to use Landonline and the software is not supported for non-windows computers.

What will the programme to rebuild Landonline do?

The programme to modernise New Zealand’s land information platform and services will progressively rebuild Landonline. This will improve LINZ’s ability to respond to customer needs and continue to meet its regulatory requirements.

The programme will improve the accessibility and quality of New Zealand’s property rights information.

LINZ is calling the programme STEP.  STEP stands for Survey and Title Enhancement Programme. The programme was previously known as ASaTS (Advanced Survey and Title Services).

How will this be delivered?

There’ll be a deliberately phased approach over four stages, making it easier to incorporate changes. The programme will use Scaled Agile development and will be delivered using NZ ICT resources.

When will this be delivered?

The programme to progressively rebuild Landonline will be complete in 2024.

Once Landonline has been rebuilt, it will be easier to make continuous enhancements to it.

Will the rebuilt system still be called Landonline?

Yes it will.

How long before customers see the benefits?

By May 2020, these new services will be in place:

  • Web-based search – this will give New Zealanders the real-time ability to search for and purchase products such as Records of Title and Survey plans, directly from our website
  • Search API (Application Programming Interface) – this will enable others to connect their websites and software directly to Landonline to search and purchase products
  • Notice of sale – this gives conveyancing professionals the ability to automatically notify territorial authorities that a sale has occurred when they have transferred a title in Landonline
  • Notice to mortgagee – this is the ability for banks/lenders to receive automated system notification when mortgages are registered

I am a supplier. How can I participate in the programme?

  • During the programme, we will go through a number of procurement processes to obtain any required services.  For each of these, we will follow LINZ HR and procurement processes and be compliant with the Government Rules of Sourcing.
  • LINZ’s preference is to make use of AoG, GCDO Market Place, common capability and syndicated contracts where available for the sourcing of contractor, temporary and professional services. In other cases and depending on the need, we will use direct, open or closed market sourcing.
  • There may be opportunity for suppliers to provide some aspects of the solution and we will openly communicate these.
  • Open tenders will be advertised and managed via the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS).
  • Sign-up to receive GETS notifications if you would like to be alerted of any advertisements.

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Last Updated: 10 December 2018